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What fans are saying:

David Alpha

Rockin'Roulette: A Retrospective Sampler, pt. 1 has just been released!  It's available in select stores and via download or disc from all major distributors.  The 14-track compiliation already has grabbed a lot of hot press!

April 2020 Update: Chameleon Wheelhouse: A Retrospective, Pt. 2 is out and available via all major online outlets!  The lead-off single, "Universalon," has been named to The Ark of Music's Top 10 Singles of 2019, at #4!  The album's 15 tracks complement Rockin' Roulette.  Together, the two releases feature 29 of David's best all-original new music! 

What critics are saying:

"Alpha totally embodies that lost, vagrant soul that the genre pushed so hard [in the late '80s] and it’s great to hear it down with an authentic heart once again. ... anybody that likes actual rock music with guitars will find a wealth to love here. ... This music does what it wants and takes no prisoners, and nothing finer can be said of a rock n’ roll artist."

-- RJ Frometa, Vents Magazine

... out flogs Flogging Molly and sends Social Distortion back to class with its attitude. ... There’s a total outsider perspective to the lyrics with themes of living on the street, self-abuse and screw the world shining through but the poetic turns to the madness incite fist pumps instead of frowns. ... As a one-man gang he’s unstoppable."

-- Anne Hollister, The Indie Source

"A sense of true passion burns through these tracks as David Alpha’s fiery vocal delivery takes front and center stage. Piercing lyricism helps to tie the whole of the collection together, featuring just the right level of wordplay, storytelling, and humor. ... On 'Rockin’ Roulette' David Alpha crafts a unique style, one that feels so contemporary while drawing liberally from rock and roll’s glorious past."

-- Skope, Skopemag

"Everything you hear on this EP is an authentic repetition of music and life as it’s meant to be heard.  The lyrics talk tough.  The music doesn’t relent and you know it’s crossed that path.  David Alpha is truly like a lost, yet not forgotten, enigma; he comes and goes as he pleases but he is still in it for the power of the music."

-- Michael Rand, Mobangeles

"... a fireball of vitriol, hard drinkin’ nights and tight songwriting that not only get the job done but set the workplace on fire in the process. ... cooking and burning, kind of like the material laid-down by PW Long outside of Mule.  It goes down to the barest bone of his influences while marrying modern aggression to classic melody that catches like a virus and gets stuck in your head like a tumor you don’t want removed.

-- Sebastian Cole, Gashouse Radio

Little Liberty with East Bay Ray has featured on the front pages of OneStopStardom and GrindLouder since June 2018.  If you haven't seen the real state of the union yet, you can see it now by clicking the cover below.

 Little Liberty




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